I am a fabric artist who comes to my work as an architect, interested in the tension between what can be planned and what can be seen or discovered as a basis for design. With a leap of faith, I begin with the presupposition that order is THERE, that I just have to be open to see it, and I will see it.

Quiltmaking is my primary medium. Contemporary designs are built from blocks of either abstract geometrics or representational collage, each created as an individual piece that can stand on its own. Ordering of the in-between spaces emerges as a result of seeing relationships between blocks as they are developing. The ‘energy’ of my quilts comes from consciously blurring the edges between each block, the speed with which the composition is completed, and the use of quilt lines to emphasize and connect. It is a process that endeavors to facilitate the emergence of something mysterious and archetypal.

- Kathy Ford

Kathy Ford Art & Architecture