A Quiltmaking Workshop (2 Days)
Discovering Order: Explore Your Creative Vision
**intermediate level: experience sewing and working with fabric required

Kathy’s passion for discovering order and making spontaneous design decisions has led her to developing ‘a way’ of quiltmaking. Her four part workshop is designed to provide inspiration for exploring the limits of your own creative vision and provide tools and techniques for achieving it.

Part 1: Discovery
Make small fabric compositions. Come to class with a quart size baggie full of favorite pieces of fabric. The work will be fast and intuitive, producing compositions that will become the building blocks for constructing a quilt.

Part 2: Piecing
Kathy will provide an overview of a variety of piecing techniques that can be used for completing the compositions made, including both machine and hand seams, curves, inside corners, appliqué, and embroidery stitching.

Part 3: Construction
Come to class with at least (4) completed compositions/blocks. We will focus on spaces in-between that were traditionally called sashing, exploring how a vision can grow and change when we begin to look for relationships between blocks.

Part 4: Quilting
We will explore how and where the quilted line becomes integral to a final composition.